Henry-The DIY Cart

  • Your very own Ice cream cart for the duration of your event, no attendant needed!

  • A boutique Bar to keep your drinks cold.

Henry is the cutest cart, perfect for any occasion. The cart will hold and store ice cream/gelato, choc tops and even keep your drinks cold for your next private function, work event, Birthday Party and even a Wedding.

Henry will fit into most high-rise lifts. That means lots of office parties, Friday afternoon get togethers, Thank you staff, Birthday parties and the list goes on.

Whatever event where you need product to stay cold, we can help.

Our Package

  • Delivery and pick up to your event. (Brisbane only)

  • Set up cart ready for you to have some fun.

  • Hire of the cart + umbrella for the entire duration of your event

  • Stainless steel food grade insert, 3 x 5ltr gelato pans, ice cream scoop and scoop wash.

    Total - $650

We can provide you with our amazing gelato and sorbet delivered with the cart - $60 Per 5 Ltr tub

If you would like cups and spoons - $6.00 (25 gelato cups and spoons)

Hand made choc tops with waffle cone - $6.00 (min of 30 cones)

Want your own personalised sign proudly displayed on the front? Prices starting from $110

The Nitty Gritty

Standard power and a flat surface for serving is needed for the cart.

The cart holds 3 x 5ltr tubs on display which will serve approx. 100 single serves. More cold storage room underneath for larger events.

No stairs or tight corners, Henry hates these!

Full payment is required before your event.

For any DIY hire a $200 bond is required. Full Bond refunded when cart and all accessories have been collected, inspected and all in working order. If any items missing/damaged, a part bond will only be refunded.